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Nvm, now it happens when the enemy changes colors when damaged... your game is awesome, but my pc is a potato

I'm sorry to hear that, the game kind of needs a good computer to run it.

Well, i can tell you wich are my specs if that helps for something

sure go ahead, the only other thing I can think of to try and help is to lower the resolution of the game and turn off vsync.

Intel celeron CPU 874 1.10 ghz 1.10 ghz 

2gb RAM

Intel HD Graphics

Everything turned off, even V-sync :(

sorry about that, there is one last thing that could work, but it would compromise the visuals of the game (and might be buggy). If you go to the windows search bar and type "%appdata%" you can go to Local>Ato>BETAv0config. 

If you edit the line that says shaders="1.000000" and change it to shaders="0.000000" that might turn off the effects.