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I usually wouldn't warrant this passive aggressive sarcasm a response, but I'll take the bait hahaha. Your ignorance to modern culture and media is legitimately astounding, but I guess kids shouldn't watch TV, movies, listen to anything besides strictly gospel music, go on social media, or really exist outside their parent's protective bubble if hearing a certain word or two is truly the worst thing to ever happen to them lmao. Kids' parents are also responsible for raising them, not the internet, and blaming the outside world for corrupting some kid while in fact they've got irresponsible parents is pathetic. If you've got kids of your own, make sure they don't go on YouTube, because the #1 most subscribed YouTuber is one foul mouthed dude. So are most others following after him. Sorry it's such a deal breaker for you, isn't for most. Thanks for checking out the video/channel, but clearly this type of content/media isn't suited for you.