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Ok, so I finished all the good endings for each character. I normally try to get all the endings, but...ugh, I've gotten attached to them and don't want to see them suffer. Anyways, I guess that's a success for you guys, since it's difficult to make people feel a connection with fictional characters. Kudos to you!

(Slight) spoilers under the cut


My heart broke a bit when Carver and Ben found out about the Heartbaked cake. I just...urgh...somehow, I grew to love them all. ...HELP ME.

The order I played it in was Radley, Carver, then Benjamin. So, when I got to Ben's ending, I felt really bad for Radley.

I thought that my favorite character would be Carver, since I usually go for the tsundere types, but it ended up being Ben. I guess it's because I could relate to his situation. He's sincere, no matter what, and I see him as someone who is emotionally strong. I really like the part in chapter 10 when he and Ginger were being "lovey-dovey." The part where he and Radley argued a bit after that was cute.

Overall, this game was really good. The flow was really nice. Usually, characters from these type of games just suddenly feel attraction, which doesn't normally happen in real life. I guess that's how I grew attached to these guys? ^^; I liked the concept of "accidentally falling in love," because, let's be honest, that's a tough scenario to actually write a full story about.

As for what you could improve on... Maybe elaborate more on how Radley fell in love with Ginger in the first place? Since it's implied that he's liked her for quite a while...

RATING: 10/10 1000% JUST LOVED IT <3