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Main issue right now? Thatch is waaay too uncommon. Since every bit of rope needs 2 thatch it becomes such a grind of patience waiting for more thatch to show up, and since literally EVERYTHING needs rope, this is a major pain. Wood isnt nearly as bad. Scrap is rare but actually becomes far too plentiful quickly due to how few recipes use it. Lastly make trees a little better ie more wood and thatch. They're rare as balls to find so should feel like it.


Make thatch either more common or 1-1 for rope

Make scrap more useful

Make tree more useful.

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I disagree. I found thatches to be very common but maybe that's because I concentrated on my home/greenhouse-like place than expanding on my raft.

When I was playing on my second save file, I decided to make a huge greenhouse-like place for my coconut trees and food and drink sources. If you make enough tree cropplots (I made about seven), you'll have enough thatch and wood to continue your raft building. But if you don't have enough or any cropplots, you can make a lot of item nets (I made about six) to help you farm those thatches you need. It'll take a while to gather the thatches you need but it'll help if you build something else while waiting. In time, you'll gather a lot of thatches this way.