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You can't be a hero until you can beat a bear!

This. Game. Rocks. Period, exclamation point, any other punctuation mark you want to put at the end of that phrase. This game is perfect.

Aggelos plays like a mix of Zelda II and A Link To The Past. Not that that's a bad thing, it's a hearkening to the 16-bit era, where fancy graphics couldn't mask a shoddy game, like what we're experiencing in mainstream gaming more often than not.

The controls, once you configure them to your liking, are flawless. The graphics look like they were ripped from a 16-bit console. The music, despite being more 8-bit than 16-bit, fit every area I went to.

Usually, I would point out some flaws I found in the game. That being said, there are NO flaws that I can find. This is a perfect demo, and will surely turn into a perfect game.

In the purist biblical sense of the word, I am in awe of this game. You guys have my support in the Steam Greenlight!

Thanks man !