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Thank you for your feedback, they are very interesting and I take note of your remarks, thank you for taking the time to send them to me!

Hello, sorry to have put a lot of time to respond.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the demo, it is obvious that the game is much too difficult! It is also the interest of this demo, to have your opinion!

I will improve these aspects of the game, I will try to update the demo in the coming days :)

Thanks again !

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Hello and thank you for your feedback! I am French and I speak very bad English, so there are surely many faults in the description of the game :)

Pas de manette ?

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Merci pour tes retours ! PS : j'adore ton avatar ;p

There are still bugs in the demo, it's a prototype, it happens :/

Thanks :)

I just add a zip file below, there are the missing .DLLs inside. Download it and add the dlls into your folder :)

There maybe some problems wicth W10 ... Did you unzip the package before starting the .exe ?

Strange because you can play witch a 360 or PS4 controller :/

Thanks !

It's a demo, so there are some bugs :/

Yup, a great bug ! xD Sorry

Thanks man !

Thanks !

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Any question ? Let's chat :>

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Ctrl+Y brings up the default Keybinding menu :)