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Hey Vlakoosh, thank you for your constructed reply ! I will try to reply every question you asked.

1) First, yes, i know i have a big problem with the game's fps, i tryied everything to resolve it.. I reduced the quality by around 50%, i think its because there is a lot of walls/doors/floors sprites (+100) ..

2) Thank you ! Yes i did all textures in paint and i just used Affinity Photo to set the alpha layer !

3) Thank you, but for the dialog voice i think my French accent is not perfect !

4) Its weird if the Doors / Buttons dont worked correctly, it worked perfectly when i played it . And for the triangle man, its "normal" if the door is opening closing because when it get close to the door he open the door and 3 sec later close it, so if the triangle man is in front of a door, and you look at it, it will keep the same position and trigger the door, and btw when the triangle man is near the door, the collisions are desactivated for it.

5) Thank you and i'm sorry for that .. I will try to change my game engine to unity, it seems to be an better engine for  this type of the game !

Anyway, thanks you for you rating and playing my game, have a nice day !