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Yep same problem, nothing fixes it. I have uninstalled it multiple times, installed the 32 bit version (wishful thinking I know), installed it in different location, turned it and my PC on and off again but all to no avail. Haven't been able to play the game at all. PLEASE FIX!!!

I too am using a 64 bit version of Windows (10)

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Did you also have 1440p on? if we cant fix it, we might as well try and find the problem so the devs can fix it


@Sphinxyy Any chance you could post instructions for how you solved the issue? There are other players experiencing the same problem, and it would be great if they could be referred here to get things fixed. Thanks and Happy Smithing!

@ayarios done


Thanks so much Sphinxyy! You're awesome!

@ayarios Anything i can do to help this great game