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@ayarios Anything i can do to help this great game

@ayarios done

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Click the start button on the bottom left of your screen

Type %appdata% and hit enter

Click the roaming folder, and then hit the appdata folder while in windows explorer (click the folder before that one in the file path)

Hit the letter "s" on your keyboard

look around that area of folders that start with s, until you find "ShopSim"

Open it

Open the save games folder

in there there should be a "settings" file

right click and delete it

Relaunch the game

Everything should be working fine. I have not found a way to use fullscreen, so i use windowed mode and stretch the tab so that ift covers my whole screen, i hope this works for you guys


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Did you also have 1440p on? if we cant fix it, we might as well try and find the problem so the devs can fix it

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Okay so I got into the game and barely played, just wanted to make sure it would run. I just went into settings and changed to fullscreen, and put the resolution to 1440 (i have a 1440 monitor) and it was working fine, so I closed the game and decided to play it later, but now whenever I launch it, it launches in windowed mode and it completely crashes when it starts loading, I tried deleting the settings file a few times, but I couldn't find it where it was supposed to be. Any help would be great, thank you for your time.

Edit: I am using Windows 64 on Windows 7

Edit 2: I have deleted the settings folder and the game has returned to normal, i tried to retrace everything i did and i found that if you put the graphics to 1440p, the game is fine, but when you relaunch it, everything is green and black and red. If you activate fullscreen the game becomes unplayable, If you have this problem, delete the settings folder and dont change to 1440p

If i explained the solution unclearly, please reply and I will describe all of the steps i took.

Edit 3: just kidding, any kind of fullscreen breaks my game