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Dam ,my debit card in Paypal won't work on non U.K.

payments .

Daft really ,considering the dev seems to be in the UK.

It's a shame  these Because Because games are not on Steam ,could use my steam wallet :).

'Trails and Traces : The Tomb of Thomas Tew' looks interesting too.

Hi! I'm sorry you're having trouble with that, I'm not sure why though, I have paid with funds overseas on PayPal. Yeah, although I am from the UK, the monies goes to Itch first, and then they take their cut and send me the rest. (They don't take much) 

I would like to put my adventure games on Steam, its just right now I am barely afloat with the current pandemic meaning I cannot find work, and it costs money to put a game on Steam, that's why I used Itch. 

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No worries ,it's my particular "load and go" debit card from Pockit.

Uk only payments until you verify your ID ,even when linked through paypal.

Something to do with money laundering regs.

Anyways ,It's a shame genuine devs can't get on steam a bit easier.

Sadly , scammers have put paid to that.

Oh well  ,good luck with your future endeavours in gaming :)

No idea where the world is going atmo ,not looking too good right now.

Luckily there's pc gaming to keep us all busy :)

Heh. Oh, I haven't heard of pockit before, but I imagine it's something I'll ever need. 

I have recently decided to create a short standalone Boiled-Hard case as a free download. it's set in just one room but it'll give you a feel for how the main game plays. It might still take me one or two months to make, however! 

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A short stand-alone would be a cool idea and an easy way for gamers to get a taste of what you're doing

apart from watching a game-play vid. of course

Hey! Guess what is coming to Steam? :D


Wow , i should have checked back.

Thanks for the info!

Never too late for a fun game.