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Hey there! Firstly, thanks so much for your support, you're helping us big time with trying to make this game a reality sooner rather than later, you have the whole team's gratitude. I read through your feedback and this is exactly the kind of thing we as the devs need to read from our early players and testers to be able craft a much better game. I think a lot of the things you pointed out make perfect sense, and it reinforces the notion that players want to interact with objects and environments, no matter how trivial as it builds on the immersiveness of the world. You said a lot of things that I've actually been thinking about doing myself - specifically, letting the writing shine and maybe instead of full VO, voicing the first few words of the most crucial dialogue, just like the RPGs from Bioware. Again, thanks so much for these - your feedback is definitely going to shape our development of the game, so I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. Thank you from the whole team!