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I played all 6 parts of "Lonely Wolf Treat" and "Clever Fox Moxie" is my fav! A question:

When will Part 7 of Lonely Wolf Treat be released? Because we're so eager to see Mochi's reaction when she sees Treat's parents

And another question:

What did you use to make the game and draw the characters?

(Sorry we're total idiots)


thanks! i'm working on the next game so i can hopefully release it this year

the game is made in rpg maker vx ace, and i draw in paint tool sai and clip studio paint :)

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Thanks for replying, Nami! I'm sorry that I'm replying late, because of personal stuffs. Also, is it okay to use any type of painting apps? (i.e. MediBang Paint Pro) Thanks!

~From Rebecca, the bunny girl

yeah just draw in whatever you're most comfortable with haha

Ah thanks! ;3