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Hey Biis! 

Awww, honestly it really makes me feel good when awesome ppl like you stop by and say something about DSG-R. :)

Let's MEAT Adam, is by far my most popular VN, but DSG holds a special place in my heart as the first VN I ever made, my baby. <3  Just FYI, DSGR doesn't veer very far from the original, although its more polished this remake and the Jaja Route. But I'm sure it's been so long since you've played that you won't recall much, and so it won't be boring. 

Let me know what you think of the remake! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, Biis. ^_^

(PS. the DSG2 demo...I still have it as well. I'd like the idea of finishing it someday. But I need the real drive for it, and not just cause i feel like I should. Hopefully someday!)