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Hello! I loved your game, it was a joy to play as well as being really engaging and looking amazing. I couldn't find the sixth ending but I have a feeling I came close to it! Either way good luck with your future projects! I made a let's play of your game here~

Hey cheers Miss Blue!

One ending is really not very intuitive to gain I'm afraid and that is completely my fault. It involves changing the system time to be the next or previous month and the central location in the neighborhood will change to the hidden 4th location (In hindsight I should have made this change be triggered by a piece of conversation with the cows head). The *best* and true ending is by then going on to win that pub quiz.

Thankyou again for the kind words and for the video, it was a pleasure to watch! :D

Oh I see! Well don't be too hard on yourself, it makes the ending like a fun treasure hunt! But you're more than welcome for the kind words and thank you for liking the video! :D <3