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Heya, sorry for the delay on the response on this. I did some research and unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can fix the issue you're having. The old demo was made in Unity while the new demos will be made with the Godot engine.

If you have the time, can you take a look at my game Neko Touch? It's on my page. It has a web build, and I want to see if you can run that one. Renapet will eventually have  a web build, so that might be a good work around for the future for you. 

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Dont worry about it also I'll try both web build and download it too, after i try them out i'll reply to you again to see how they go on my end

Edit 1: The Windows build says the same message about the Graphic OpenGL thing, right now downloading the web build

Edit 2: i tried the online and the download version of the Web Build and in the loading it says "Failed loading file 'index.wasm' " also i think i tried Neko Touch time ago but i dont remember if it was here on itchio or somewhere else but now something went bad, i dont know