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Very attractive game, tnx!

Btw it needs some fixes:

The continuos nag gun sfx forces to turn off the volume. Fix: just remove it (hearing enemies bullets only is mutch useful!).

Gamepad dead zone seems to be set at 2% (best 40% for XBox models) and buttons are in random position. My suggestion: Y to jump, B to shot, down key to duck. To shot down simply hold fire button and move down.

I just updated the game with controller support for the Xbox One controller. A is jump, B is duck, right shoulder button is shoot. Basically as in Call of Duty. I've tested it on Windows 10, I'm not sure if it works on OSX or Linux. I'm also not sure if the Xbox 360 controller works the same as the Xbox One controller. Can anybody check?

Can you clarify what you find annoying about the sound effects? I want to fix that.

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There is no reason to release the shot button, so all the game audio is "pew pew pew pew". Tnx for the update, classic XBox gamepad tested and works perfectly. But config is still bad for me... the jump is in down position (A), and duck in upper (B), doesn't feel contrariwise? I know you all programmers are influenced by the trend "X to shot and A to jump", but it's simply wrong.. jump should be placed on top position. That error originated from coinops conversions: apparently they had the action button on the left and jump on the right, but not.. as you can see on any cabinate, the jump button is on top! All my games are configured with Y to jump and B to shot, perfectly confortable by covering both them with the entire thumb. Finally I've seen that some games use that solution today.. so the time is good for a fixup! I notice you've added duck+shot, but my suggestion for remove duck button is still suitable: to shoot down, simply hold button and push down from stand position. It can be applied to the jump also: move up to jump, and in the some way hold shot from stand to shoot up. Yes, I love simple controls! :) Another thing to correct is that the char should jump again by touching the ground if button is released and then holded down. EDIT: Done a trick to play with a single button via XPadder... yes! It's too complicate to explain, so here that ready-to-use one: just download http://www.mediafire.com/?lquqo6kijcn0vgn and execute "Alien Invasion Game [Xpadder].bat" (it's configured for XBox gamepads only)... now you can jump moving up, duck moving down (it automatically shoots also, it's aworkaround of a config limitation), and holding X + move it will shoot in all directions. The jump "bug" described above is mutch annoying with that new control method, hope will be fixed! Tnx all and good game! :)