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I tried looking for it all in that order but I can't find that file. Once I open the game the only way I can leave is through Task Manager and I saved the game before I do that, would that cancel the save? I forgot to mention earlier I have not saved this game before because it started during my first gameplay and I didn't know what to do. And the graphics button down won't work I can only go as low as controls and when I go into it and I can't go back so I have to quit the game


Another method of finding the ShopSim folder is going to the Windows Start Menu and typing %appdata% (with the percent signs). For me this pops open the Folder C:\Users\(MyUserName)\AppData\Roaming. Of course I want to look in Local, not Roaming, so I have to go up one level to just AppData, then go into Local, then ShopSim.

I assumed this folder was created upon startup, but you're not the first one unable to find it, so it may only be created upon saving the game.

Also, I'm using Windows 10. I believe the AppData folders are handled the same way in Windows 7 and 8, but I can't tell you that for certain. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the help and I found the saved game. I deleted it but I now have another problem. When I start the game it loads up fine until I spawn in the room, it start out blurry but when I try going to the graphics to reset it the whole game freezes so I have to exit out through alt f4. I'm sorry for bugging you but I really like this game.

Edit: "I found the fix, delete the file in the Shop Sim file and it worked :D

Awesome! I'm glad this worked for you. If you find any other bugs (or solutions) be sure to keep sharing! Happy Smithing!