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It isn't very clear how you play this game.
I clicked the house, and hit numpad 1 and that made a guy spawn, clicked on every other button on my keyboard and that really made nothing happen.
Gorgeous music and art though!

It's very much a demo atm, sorry about that. Currently the select box is not working when multiple types of of objects are detected, so you have to click directly on the fox and then right click anywhere. The foxes are the "money gatherers" so you send them to other buildings and they keep bringing income. The Pathfinding weights are not setup correctly since I made the whole thing without colliders (until I needed them for clicks xD), that's why the foxes seem to be "waterproof" :D.

The actual game would have a skirmish vs AI and a multiplayer, but the procedural generation used up almost a full two days before I got it down right.

Thanks a lot for checking it out, we will definitely make it more accessible and more of a game with time. :D