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Hey I made this account just to comment. The game is zoomed in and I can't zoom out or change the resolution. I can't find any sort of options menu. If I go into properties I can turn it to playing 640x480, which lets me see the entire screen, but then the text is squished and I can't read anything. Can you please add a setting to at least let people play this in windowed mode?

There's only so much that can be done in this engine regarding an in-game set of options for resolution settings, full screen toggle etc.

However as there's others like yourself struggling with this same issue, I'll throw together a windowed build for all Operating Systems soon

Thank you so much! As long as it's windowed I think it'll play right. Please let me know as soon as you can do this so I can play <3 It looks really cool!!

No worries, the windowed versions should be listed in the Downloads section alongside the others :)