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It bugged again at the Blue key dungeon second floor, when i got the last coin , the game just crashed and quit by itself.


When I take the last coin under the skull, three sounds are being played. the collect coin, the BOOM of the skull, and open door sound. Maybe the combination of those crashes the game.. Probably you should change the boom sound of the skull to something else (?) I will try to take coins in another order, and write again.


My method worked. Probably the combination of sounds crashes the game.


Kinda same thing happened at the green dungeon 2nd level. The boom sound is super bugged. I cannot continue to finish the game unless this is fixed. I have restarted like 20 times :P I got tired.

Thanks, For the detailed explanation, I will test it and fix it asap.

Hey, Could you download the and let me know if the crash happens. It will run the second floor to speed up the testing.

I can't find the