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If there is one thing i dont like its jump scares. If there is one thing i DO like its horror, that does not need jump scares. The atmosphere of the game gets more and more creepy. This is absolutly amazing. I am looking forward to play it again and try some other decissions.

+ the atmosphere is really nice and spooky (although that might be just me because i am very easily scared)

+ I like the fact that you are confronted with the fact, that your decissions matter. I have not played a second time yet, but i am looking forward to it, hoping to see some different stuff happening.

+ For now, the game is very small and therefore all objectives can be easily done, since it does not take long to understand WHERE you have to do WHAT. I like the fact that the instructions are kept "real" (like: i should do this) and not to instructive (like: go to this location that i just marked on your map and do that one thing)

- I get, that you use z and x on your keyboard. This works great on an english layout, but I am on a german keyboard so having my fingers on z (which is y on an english keyboard) x and shift for the time of playing is...somewhat painfull XD

- The sound is distorted. I think this is due to the fact that it might be overdriven and it might just be me noticing that but (as an audio designer and musician myself) i am allways a little sad if such fantastic music is destroyed by such a small mistake

+ i love the music XD

- this is just a small one and might not be that important, since its just the progue for the whole game buuuut: i was kind of confused when the game started and Kat allready hat her sheet of instructions like: what is this and what is she trying to do? I mean at some point her intentions are clear but at the beginning i didn't quite get along (did i miss something?). A small hint as to what she is going to do and/or where she got the notes might be nice to get the player involved right away

All in all: this is a game done nicely. I like the atmosphere and its simplicity. the music is great and there is no complicated gameplay. This game relies entirely on the story and its creepieness. I am really looking forward to the whole game.

Have a nice one

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i feel like they were putting together a theory for people to solve, I myself believe it because she's trying to reach her father for because he died. which we prob won't know until the full game comes out. :)

Hi! First of all thank you so much for your helpful comments ^^

We're aware that many players find the current controls inconvenient and we plan to include an option to remap them in the full game! In the meanwhile, players can use a controller if that's more comfortable to them.

We're also aware of the sfx/music issues and we plan to fix it on the next version, sorry about that ;-;

As for the comment about lack of context at the beginning, we'll definitely take a look at it :) 

Thank you for your support ! :D