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I just finish to play the prototype. I have to say that I can see a lot of potencial here. I enjoyed the game a lot but I felt that I miss sa lot of mechanics that are not ready to show as I see.

I would love to see more of RTT, I think is something that will make that this game rocks. I tried to make strategies with the RTT but it has to be depured. 

On the other hand, I like the progression, how my army grows and I really enjoy the hordes!! 

The island is huge, there´re a lot of tasks, missions and a lot of stuff to do in the towns so the adventure could be great in the next steps of the game. So yeah, the potencial is there, I guess I have to wait more time to see a full game that sure I will enjoy. 

Good job with this guys, maybe this is the better game that is released in this page. 

Oh boy! Thanks for the feedback, really useful right now!
FallNation is a work in progress prototype, and we are so agree with you about the RTT thing. The more RTT situations, the better gameplay. But, in order to get all the gameplay sensation and understand how awesome this game is gonna be, let's wait a few weeks and see the many updates we will introduce along the month!