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That was really good, I am super impressed with this game. The atmosphere created is really impressive and the way the house is presented to you is very cool. I also like that there's some jokes thrown around in the dialogue.

I assume when you enter debug mode you are acting as a drone? I loved how it would do little command line things at the bottom of the screen.

I got hung up two times while playing though and wanted to mention it:

- Trying to find the blood in the sink on the first floor. I wanted to look directly down at the sink but I had to look down to the right. Took me a while to figure it out.

- While in the drone I got a command line that said "UI element missing" or something similar but nothing would happen. Eventually I wandered around the open broken looking space and happened to press tab and was teleported. Not sure if that's suppose to happen or what I needed to do.