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Just discovered this game today, I'm a sucker for survival games where you need to eat/drink/sleep etc.

Also I like how it is strategy, not the usuall first person survival game, and you have to look out for more peeps, thus making it a bit more challanging.

Now my strategy game history ends at starcraft 1 and age of empires 2 thus were the only strat games I finished in my life, but this fondles with me in a place, probably because of the survival part, and the old memories of me sitting in my room playing the old classics but thats not the point :D.

Grapics are good with time I hope it will get smoother :)

I'm missing the save mechanic though :(

Now I'm a casual in strat games and I don't like it when it becomes too hard or fast, maybe you can put in change speed and difficulty?

Altogether I give this game, consider it its a demo and will be much better in the future, a 7/10

As explained in store description, game is released as is and there will not be further development. There is no save feature but you should be able to "complete" the demo within an hour so it's hardly needed.