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New Items/bots

  • Birds
    • feathers
    • eggs
    • Bird Meat
    • Bird Poop
  • Darts
    • Upgraded Darts
  • Blow Gun
  • Arrows
    • Metal Arrows
  • Bow
  • Dummy
  • Target
  • Fish Nets
  • Rod Holders for rods (trolling fishing)
  • Different Fish
  • Krill
  • Spikes
    • Reenforced Spikes
  • Wall
    • Reenforced Wall
  • Torches
  • Bait stand
  • Harpoon
    • Upgraded Harpoon
  • Whales
    • Whale fat
      • Oil
    • Whale Meat
    • Whale Bones
  • Larger Farming Plot
  • Irrigation
  • Reservoir
  • Hoppers
  • Barrels
  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Suger Cane
  • Carrots
  • Wheat
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Bed
  • Hearth
  • Oven
  • Bread
  • Forge
  • Upgraded Pillar
  • Upgraded Hammer
  • Auto Water Station
  • Dredge
  • Saw
  • Mill
  • Glass
  • Green House
  • Windows
  • Pots
  • Jugs
  • Banna Tree
    • Banana
  • Mango Tree
    • Mango
  • Tropical flower
  • Chisel
  • Statue


What if after you grow a tree it starts to attract birds you can catch them with nets and store them in cages this would allow you to carvers Eggs and Feathers Or kill them for Meat and feathers. Eggs and meat can be used to eat or the meat can be used as Bait ... will return to this idea**. Feathers can be crafted with wood to make darts or with wood and metal to make arrows ( arrows and bow could be used to "hunt" birds in the sky or shoot at shark darts could be used in a blow gun for a simmaler purpose alternitively you could construct dummies and targets for fun.

The Hunt

Once your raft reaches a certain size it becomes easier to just fix damage to your raft than to fight the shark on a 3 strike basis. So to keep the fight alive the hunter could become the hunter. you can active this through trapping defences and hunting. let me break that down.

  • Trapping - Like the nets that you deploy to catch the debris you could make nets that go deeper that catch fish and krill (Fish edible - Krill Bait ) you could upgrade your fishing rod with "bait" to catch bigger fish and install the rod in a trolly system on the edge of the raft to catch said Big fish.
  • Defences - This is one that I think a lot of people would love as I said earlier at some point it becomes easier to fix your raft than fight the shark because of this it might be nice to be able to build defences rather than "Repair" your raft this will allow you to shift your focus to resource management. Some ideas for defences would be. Spikes, torches on the edge or reenforced walls
  • Hunting - Once the thrill of being hunted by the shark has wore off it might be fun to hunt the shark you could introduce a "BaitStand" that looks like gallos that hangs over the water and you could add bait *dead bird. once bait is added and stand is set up sharks start to spawn and attack the bait. (enter Item: Harpoon) Once you land 3 skill shots with harpoon you can pull the shark along side the raft and harvest for meat. ........... Additional Idea Whales using the same system as explain above change the bait for *krill and you attract whales hunt them as explained above and harvest "Whale Oil" from the Dead Whale (alternatively you could harvest whale fat and refine it in the water purifier for whale oil


There is a Huge potential for growth automation and resource management. I love the potato farm and beat farm idea and i think this could be expanded upon through larger patches and irrigation you could build a reservoir and have pipes that drip water to the crops. Also in food you could have hoppers where you put your potatoes and make vodka or introduce Sugar cane and make rum (rum might be more location accurate). Doors would be great as well as the ability to stack column with out having floors between. Fences and or walls. BEDS to sleep through the night. Hearths for athletics and to cook on. Ovens!!! these could be used for potatoes and eggs and Bread. ... Forge made from just a tun of mental. burn wood with metal to melt it down for upgraded EVERYTHING. let me expand on that for you upgraded spear ( 2 hits instead of 3 ) upgraded Harpoon (2 Hits Instead of 3) Reenforced walls and spikes for defence that do not get destroyed from repeated attacks. Bigger chests. Solid walls ( not thatched ). reenforced pillars ( 5x5 support instead for 3x3 ).

UPGRADED HAMMER ( I will refer back to the tech tree later ) with UPGRADED HAMMER you can build more adoptions into your raft such as a self purifying water station this puts a hole in the floor of your raft and rejects light down onto the water with a shiny peace of metal the water gets heated and condensates like before but instead of going into a cup like before can fill a (previously mentioned) reservoir. than used for crops or consumption. you could be able to craft components for a saw mill and a saw ( saw to cut down whole trees that take up a whole spot in your inventory and then you put said logs in the mill that processed for thatch and wood as well as pulp ). New tools (Chisel) for making decorations like statues of you and the shark. and a dredge for getting clay ( dredge could be a wood troff with metal weights on rope that you lower down into water and after a minute pull back up full of sand and clay). The clay than can be fired in the oven to make planters and large water jugs as well as Bricks and ordainments. Sand could be fired for Glass for building a green house and windows. (green house could be used to process bird poop for rare seeds that grow into banana trees and mango trees as well as flowers for the planters you made from clay). all nominating in the final frontier of scuba exploration through the construction of either a crude sub or a breathing apprentice.

Tech Tree

I do NOT think a tech tree is the right fit for this game but rather a graduated crafting system where building one thing inherently lets you build another as I have explain above finally building a forge allowing you to build a upgraded hammer then allowing you to build a whole new set of items this could double of not triple game Play time.