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Hey ChannelJohn,

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Much appreciated. Good news is the Rift update is pretty much done. Just some final testing and upload. Going to get it up on Steam as well, so I'll have to go through that process too.

But yeah, all the things you've identified are reasons I told people that it wasn't compatible with the Rift (but I didn't take action to lock out Rift users explicitly).

The Rift version is every bit as good as the Vive version now; if not better, because of the analogue stick - so hopefully when I get the update live in the next day or two, you'll be able to go through it again and give me the same level of detailed feedback there! :D

Awesome! I can't wait! And thanks for the quick response. I expected it would be a while before you got around to it, so I'm very excited to hear it'll be sooner rather than later. Especially because -- and no offense to any other devs because I'm glad people are working on this stuff and trying lots of things -- when your demo didn't work for me, I checked out a few other VR locomotion solutions that I found floating around the web and, tbh, I didn't like any of theirs as much as I liked yours. I really think you're on the right track.

And now I play the waiting game.... *steeples fingers* :>)


Hey ChannelJohn,

The Steam and Rift release is taking longer than expected due to some learning pains. But it's available to select users now. Let me know if you're interested. Contact me via my website to take me up on the offer. Cheers.

Hey ChannelJohn,

It took longer than anticipated, but the Rift update has gone live :)

Give it another shot, I hope you enjoy it!