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Hi there, HugeRobot! Not to be "that guy," but I was just wondering if you had any ETA on an Oculus version of Freedom Locomotion? I just got my Touch controllers a month or two ago and just found your demo yesterday (through a Robo Recall mod). As someone who has found VR's standard teleportation thing a little disappointing, I was really excited to discover someone was working on this... but then sad to discover that you don't support my HMD yet. I know you'll get there with it, so please don't read the tone here as complain-y. I'm still very excited by the concept and was very happy with the bits of the demo that *did* work.

For what it's worth -- data's always good, yeah? -- I really enjoyed being able to walk around the virtual space of your demo. I know you're probably aware of most of them already, but the only problems I ran into were:

1) The movement was REEEAAAALLLY slow, and there was a barely noticeable difference between the walk and jog speeds for me (and sometimes it didn't seem to kick in at all). Sprint didn't seem to work at all, no matter how much or fast I bobbed my head and swung the controllers.

2) Climbing didn't work at all. I could grip the edge of the ledge and the lowest rungs of the ladders, but I was completely unable to pull myself up. Whenever I tried, it would occasionally seem to raise me up (or sometimes down) by an inch or so, but, inevitably, I'd fall through the floor and end up under the level. NOTE: This had nothing to do with my grip either, as I fell through the floor even when my grip was still actively gripping the rung (or ledge).

3) The MENU button does nothing at all. This makes sense, of course, as it's designed for the Vive menu and not the Oculus, but I was being an optimist. :>) I really, really wanted to change the movement speed so I could run faster through the environment (I was limited to what I'd consider a slow sneak speed and even the jog was slower than a normal walking speed for me), but had no way to get to it. I even tried to find a config file with numbers I could edit manually, but no luck. Ah well. Guess I'll have to wait for Oculus support.

4) Fwiw, during the calibration stage at the beginning, it put the floor at my eye level (roughly). I held my Touch controller up over my head and clicked CALIBRATE, and it decided I was 5 inches tall. I ran calibration again and -- just as an experiment -- stood on a chair (not advised, btw, while wearing an HMD) so that my head was a couple of feet higher and held my controller up until I touched the ceiling of my room and clicked CALIBRATE again, and it set me at 5" tall again. I.e, it seemed to ignore my height (as well as both my Oculus Home and Steam VR setups) completely. Once the actual demo started, however, I was at the right height.

Anyway, I know these are all issues that likely have to do with it not being compatible with my HMD yet, so maybe this is useless info for you. But as a fellow dev, I know sometimes key information can come from places you least expect. :>)

However long it takes, keep up the good work, HugeRobot! This is exactly the direction VR needs to go and I'm glad to see someone is leading the charge. I can't wait til this is not only available for the Oculus but also standard for VR games.

Oh! And since I was so long-winded here, I should probably repeat my initial question: Any ETA on an Oculus version? I'd love to review this on my channel when the time comes.


Hey ChannelJohn,

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Much appreciated. Good news is the Rift update is pretty much done. Just some final testing and upload. Going to get it up on Steam as well, so I'll have to go through that process too.

But yeah, all the things you've identified are reasons I told people that it wasn't compatible with the Rift (but I didn't take action to lock out Rift users explicitly).

The Rift version is every bit as good as the Vive version now; if not better, because of the analogue stick - so hopefully when I get the update live in the next day or two, you'll be able to go through it again and give me the same level of detailed feedback there! :D

Awesome! I can't wait! And thanks for the quick response. I expected it would be a while before you got around to it, so I'm very excited to hear it'll be sooner rather than later. Especially because -- and no offense to any other devs because I'm glad people are working on this stuff and trying lots of things -- when your demo didn't work for me, I checked out a few other VR locomotion solutions that I found floating around the web and, tbh, I didn't like any of theirs as much as I liked yours. I really think you're on the right track.

And now I play the waiting game.... *steeples fingers* :>)


Hey ChannelJohn,

The Steam and Rift release is taking longer than expected due to some learning pains. But it's available to select users now. Let me know if you're interested. Contact me via my website to take me up on the offer. Cheers.

Hey ChannelJohn,

It took longer than anticipated, but the Rift update has gone live :)

Give it another shot, I hope you enjoy it!