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how do i make the cure?

Hey h3lp, sorry the instructions aren't super clear LOL

1. Inject an infected's DNA into the cure computer.
2. Gather the needed ingredients and adjust their temperatures.
3. Place the ingredients into the cure computer.
4. Wait for it to mix then take the cure from the bottom slot.

For more detail:
1. Find the injector gun near the cure computer in the Control Room (looks like a pistol, but with a needle on the end)
2. Kill an infected, then approach its corpse and "shoot" it with the injector gun. This might only work on fresh corpses.
3. Go back to the cure computer and "shoot" the square platter on the computer, the one on the right side.
4. The computer will generate a cure and tell you the ingredients needed. The higher the difficulty, the more ingredients needed.
5. The ingredients will be a list of Beakers, such as "Hot Blue Beaker", or "Cold Green Beaker".
6. Start by finding all of the correctly colored Beakers and bring them back to the Control Room.
7. Next you need to make them "Hot" or "Cold". You will find small devices near the cure computer with red and blue buttons.
8. Place a Beaker on the device and press the red button for "Hot", or the blue button for "Cold".
9. Wait until the number on the device reaches the target temperature (100 or -100).
10. Take the beaker and place it into the square slot on the cure computer, the one on the left side.
11. If the beaker is the correct color and temperature, the computer will accept the beaker, otherwise it will reject the beaker.
12. Repeat steps 8 to 10 until all the ingredients are added. You can add them in any order.
13. Once all ingredients are added, the computer will mix the cure. When it's done, pick up the cure and take it with you when you evacuate.