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I am enjoying this game so far. I happily donated even though this version is free, I think it is worth spending the money to see what this game could become, it's already enjoyable.

I would like to see:

*Saved games be playable so you can save a state before death and go back to it (or am I experiencing a bug? Right now dying kills my saved game too)

*Dehydration happens too fast. Maybe slow it down in the shade.

*Upgradable food/watwr stations- a way to create more than one tin cans worth of drinkable water at a time. Maybe a way to cook bigger recipies, fish soup, kabobs... something

*Water/food storage barrels

*Food that goes bad when not cooked/salted soon enough

*Harvesting salt from water stations too for salting food

*Feed/bribe the dang shark to bugger off

*Shark detering spikes/defences

*Different modes- easy-med-hard. Where the rate of hunger/thirst slows differently. I love the raft building, but feel frustrated at how much I have to stop and drink, I died so many times because I was enjoying the gameplay of the raft building and planning but forgot about water/food. I think having easy let the player go longer withoit drinking would allow for a more creative mode expirence. I have been playing again and the rate of thirst is actually pretty good for normal/med mode.

*Those nets could catch some fish too

*Making a chair I can't sit in is ok for decoration but kills the emersion. Can we have usable furniture. Thatch rugs could satisfy the want to decorate much better than an unusable chair

Thank you Developers for this wonderful expirence so far, I know you have dedicated a lot if time and effort into this game and it really shows. Good job!