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Hi Skarn, 

I'm just following up on the message above, and hoping you're well in these trying times. 

May I ask if you can get in touch regarding the use of screenshots from the Melos game in the forthcoming publication mentioned in the previous message? 

Very best,

I'm following up on this here request, as I would like your consent to use screenshots of Melos in a forthcoming book about ancient history and videogames.

I can confirm that I've spoken to other creators on the platform and received their consent - its the real deal, and it won't cost anything :)


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Sorry for he delay, I don't monitor much what's happening there. Glad you liked the game. You can take and use screenshots of Melos as you wish, I have no problem with that.

Thank you Skarn! And thanks very much for producing the game. I'll let you know how the book, and your section, go along and are received in future. Very best!