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Nice game guys! Love the idea and had fun playing it!

Some feedback :
- Add a day limit, to add a sense of rush and avoid having player taking no risks (spam food, then spam wood, etc).
- Add a feedback to know how much resources you can expect to get from the biome. This will make the players really want to take risks by going farther to get more resources (here I was just trying my luck every time) -> strategic choices.
- I like the idea of seeing the guys fight the monster, but in the end one of them is always hurt. Maybe sometimes no one is hurt? It creates suspense during the fight, and joy if the guy is not hurt. It won't change your probability system I think, you can certainly just add monsters that don't kill pirates in addition to the ones that kill pirates.
- Maybe the monster can only spawn in forests? This way players would be more inclined to move forward when it's not a forest? -> strategic choices And it will also creates suspense each time the player moves to a forest, contrasting with the safety of going to food.
- Maybe change the probability system? I've had a lot a trees (sometimes only trees) and one time 5 monsters in a row! (poor pirates). A proba that changes the more you move forward, and also changes with time.

Good job!