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My thoughts on more content.

I have played thru this game 4 times and I figure there is about 2 to 3 hours of game in its present state. Things I would like to see:

  1. More predators, and make them randomly spawn. Watching one lone shark move around my raft constantly is a bit boring.
  2. Other reasons why you can take damage to your raft....Possibly storms, waves, etc....
  3. advanced construction: 1. upgrading raft foundations to make it more difficult for your raft to become damaged by storms, predators, etc. Upgrading weapons or creating new weapons, crossbow, speargun, etc. More furniture items and animations for using them.
  4. lower the floor so there is more water and the ability to swim underwater to possibly gather from the floor of the ocean.
  5. Could actually make this more of a tower defense game, with predators becoming stronger and deadlier and storms becoming more violent over time.
  6. A beginning theme that explains why your on this raft to begin with, you were on a commercial liner that sank from a storm or something to that effect that could explain a lot of the debris you constantly get out of the ocean.
  7. An AI or two that you fish out of the Ocean to help you with your raft and to keep you company.