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It's a great episode and yet another i recommend viewing. I'm not alone in that opinion and here's a link to give you a better idea.

The monorail is a great idea as i previously said. Perhaps it can be a 10 tunnel stretch for each time you construct a piece and the drone boost that can be researched can solve that issue for you enabling aquick construct? A nice to have and also a possible way for connecting other bases you have established across Aven.

What I want is a governors residence and an upgrade ability for it to be able to do extra things. Maybe that will be coming with the extra landing platforms for the expenditionary ships or transporters?

Did you check out the new video and update material on the Gamasutra - Press Release that mothership mentioned a day ago?

My laptop went down yesterday so I'm just getting my work laptop up to speed with links and sites I normally visit....

I'll have to watch that Star Trek episode later. Sounds intriguing!

Governors residence would be an interesting addition. It should be some sort of tower that's as high as a skyscraper so the governor has a grand view of the colony. The idea of that being the vantage point allows him to see and do new stuff could be a good concept to build upon.

I did see the video. Didn't have time to really read the article though. I should go read up on that now!

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As long as the governors residence is secure from lightning strkes and allows extra abilities i really have no problem how it looks. Maybe as you increase the poulation of your colony to a specific level (50, 500, 1000, 2500 etc.) you are granted an extension or improvement to your residence that not only allows the social improvements already in-game, but can introduce new options too. Perhaps another moon base or asteroid field mining station in the Aven planetary system can be additionally exploited on the later campaigns due to your advanced tech researched from alien artifacts or the subterranean level previously mentioned?

Anyway, I keep checking everyday for a new update with the hope that It can be tested out to the max. I've found and reported a few graphics glitches, but no issues apart from that.

I guess you can say I enjoy playing the game!