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Very rarely a game leaves me THIS much of a mess upon completion and let me tell you, this game has definitely succeeded at doing so. At many times throughout the game I was surprised, shocked or sad and had to stop for a while before continuing with the story. I was so involved in it and so consumed as well, everything was just so freaking good I couldn't stop because I wanted to know how things would end! And that's how you know your story is good, creators.

The storytelling was absolutely beautiful. From the very beginning to its ending, I loved it all the same, if not more. I really fell in love with the characters and their stories. It almost felt as if I was with them myself and knew each of them on a personal level as if we all were good friends. I also adored the artwork. It was very cute.


As someone who had been struggling with mental health for years and someone who isn't heterosexual themselves, this game just hit too close to home. I can't believe how lucky I am to have encountered this game. I could relate to Michael's character completely, everything hitting me like a slap to the face sometimes. I played through all the three endings and each of them has made me feel something different each time. Every one of them was greatly written. I'm so glad to have spent hours playing through them. I wish there were more games like this one. I think it would greatly help people like us out there. With acceptance, the feelings of being included, normal. Spreading awareness, educating people. You've no idea how happy I am that you created this. Thank you.

I do have some remarks though. In one of the endings, we get a scene with Roger where he tells Emmett he has been harassed by Michael, yet this is never resolved in the story. Did Michael really do this, and if so, why wasn't this brought up by Emmett? Or did Roger make up a lie because he was jealous of Michael so much? We don't know! I may be missing something, but I played through all the three endings and didn't stumble onto any answers. Also, in another ending where Michael overdoses... why doesn't Emmett call an ambulance?! Michael could've died on the spot! I felt like this was a serious issue that didn't sit well with me. You should always call an ambulance if you encounter an overdose attempt because even if the victim does seem alright in the end, there may be unseen health consequences that could follow through. I'm also upset that we didn't see the coach get punished for his actions, maybe through Michael going to the police with Emmett... It felt like all that Michael went through went to waste in a way. I would really like to see some justice, you know? Hello, an idea for a sequel? Hell yes.

PS. Is Emmett Polish? ;)

Thank you so much for making this game. I'm very glad to have played it.