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There’s something about Magic Wand that I love. At first glance it looks kind of messy but for some reason it looks appealing. The weirdness is appealing and I like weird but I guess I’m also a fan of the creators work.


The things that I liked

What I liked the most was the adventure. It really felt unique and fun to play. I didn’t know where to go and just explored the world hoping that something cool would happen. 

I liked the art style of the game. It has that nice pixel look but the freshness of a 3d game. It’s quite wonderful. 

The music was really good. That indie music touch is so great and it’s pleasing to the ears. 

I also liked how easy the game was. HP didn’t matter for me and maybe that was on purpose.

Mac version can fullscreen.

Can’t die from falling off the edge.


Things I didn’t like

I didn’t like how there wasn’t a good story. I would say that the story felt non existent.

I didn’t like most of the dialogue from NPC’s. They just said nonsense.

I didn’t like how there wasn’t a shop to buy cool new things like potions or weapons.

I didn’t like the blocks that you could break as they served no real purpose.

Hard to get/farm money.

Windows version can’t fullscreen so it may be best to reduce screen resolution to play.



I really enjoyed the game even when I was playing on a trackpad. I guess I would also like to say that this game was very relaxing to play. It was a fun time indeed!