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Hey devs, I have been trying to play with my buddy in multiplayer but it's giving us an issue. He plays on PCVR steam and I play on Oculus Quest sideloaded.

We can see each other when we are in the main lobby screen, but as soon as we start up a mission we can't see each other in-game.

All the enemies are focus fired on him AND when I kill all the AI on my screen, he still can see them on his screen. When we did kill each of our own sets of enemies, he was able to progress to the next area. I was left stuck in the initial area only able to shoot the hanging panel to progress, but it did nothing at all.

I bought this game on here for $10 and then gifted my buddy the game in Steam for $10, with the intent for us to be able to play together.

This was the link I read it from

Hi, Thanks for making us aware of that. 

The Quest version is still in beta, so some bugs may come up. We'll look into it and try to patch it asap (crazy times now for developing though)

All feedback we can get is very useful for us.

Diego (sumalab)

I can give you a much more detailed explanation of what has/is happening with the quest to pcvr multiplayer. Let me know if you want it here or you have another means of communication.

I'm excited for the game and want to see it do well.

Please!, that would be very helpful. Here is our email:

Thanks in advance

I had the same problem in version 1.14, but after I uninstalled 1.14 and installed 1.15 the problem resolved.  Playing multi-player matches works great now!