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you will never know how much this means to me. I first encountered Novena a little over a year ago and i keep coming back. Everything about this is just perfect. The music, the pacing, the repetition. I keep coming back to this in low points in my life. I rarely cry and often can't when i really need to, but Novena never fails to produce tears. Eventually I may forget about this, but I won't. I won't because i"ll keep coming back. Someday I'll have this poem on a wall in my house. Not hung up, but painted or carved into the wall itself. I want to pass this on to my kids, I want to share this with my partner someday, I want so much and i'm really just rambling at this point but just know how much this means to me. It really, really does.


thank you so much! im really glad that novena brings you comfort or hope during hard times. my most personal games are very much a form of catharsis for myself and im glad that other people can feel the same kind of release/relief in them. keeps me going! so thanks for your comment.