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just read some of your comics and i'm loving these characters so dearly! i had a question, though - is satine nonbinary & do they use they/them pronouns? i noticed in the other content they're usually referred to with he/him, but in their bio on here they're called a sibling & have they/them pronouns? also, i tried to download the mac version, but it said the files were corrupt, i'm not sure why :( 

Hi there! I'm so glad to hear you liked my stuff! I replied to your same comments via Patreon (hi again) but I'll post them here again for anyone curious!


Satine is actually genderfluid/genderqueer and in the Epilogue Game, goes on a very overdue journey of gender discovery. It's gonna be a lot of fun to write! :D


From what it sounds like, you probably have a version of MAC that won't play Ren'py games Apple requires *ALL DEVS* to put about $100+ towards getting their game "authenticated" to be played on their devices. <:( It's something I'd like to eventually do for the Epilogue game, but right now I just can't afford it, especially when the game is coming out in chunks and isn't completed yet.

If you had an android phone, I am going to release a mobile version soon that should hopefully work!
Otherwise, there's not much I can do! I'm so sorry! ToT
Older versions of MAC can still run Ren'py games, but I know after a certain update they stopped functioning.