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(This is my first comment, so this may be read weird.) The story telling was INCREDIBLE and the character design? Perfect! I am so lucky to find this accidentally! This is my first dating sim I've ever played, and I'm sure that all the others will have a much higher standards to reach now! If you guys will ever make another game like this I will 100% play it! My only complaint is the fact we couldn't choose our name or gender, but thats a silly complaint in general compared to how amazing this was! This is an easy 5 stars, and can't wait to see what else this teams make!

Awh gosh, thank you for making us the recipient of your first comment! And thank you also for taking the time to tell us about your experience of the game. We're really, really thrilled you enjoyed it and had an overall positive experience with it as your first dating sim. Hearing that the story could live up to expectations is really high praise for us, and saying that we set any kind of bar is so kind and really touching. Thank you so much!

We have hopes to develop more games in the future, so hopefully we can make something that will interest you! We'll definitely take your comments on board for future developments!