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How soon is soon?

Do I have time to finish the game saves that I have accrued, also are they going to be lost in any future upgrade? My thoughts are that they will be lost, unless you have a way of being able to introduce the upgrades without doing so.

Maybe you can give us a sniff of what to expect or possibly comment on what has been discussed to date? Feedback can be a nice thing to receive and we are certainly fans of the game as you can tell. Does it break protocol?


Nobody has lost any saves when upgrading - we've gone to a lot of effort to make sure that even saves created with the very first beta will still work in the latest version. That hasn't been easy with some of the bugs that we've fixed! The only person who had problems with updating was because of a bug in the launcher where it installed the game in a different location rather than updating - and so the game couldn't find the saves.

The only thing that we can't guarantee at the moment is that the release version of the game will support saves from the beta versions of the game - we haven't decided on the right course of action yet. There'd be less potential for future bugs if we dropped support for older saves - but so far it's been fine.

As far as what you can expect... well, we've announced the new Expedition system at GDC this week! It allows players to send out expedition vessels to explore the often hostile surface of mankind's new home. Your expedition vessels will rescue lost explorers, repair crashed vessels, confront splinter groups and rebels, destroy deadly creep spore and plague spore nests, explore ruins, recover artifacts, and fight robot guardians left behind by mysterious ancient civilization that once inhabited Aven Prime.

This will be coming in the next update!

Okay, all previous beta games I had participated in I unfortunately did lose the saves each and everytime for a new update. You have managed to put my mind at rest for my existing saved games and it is a welcome surprise.

I would like to think that we had some influence in your descision for the new Expedition system, but probably what is more appropriate is great minds think alike.

I look forward to your next upgrade and thanks for the heads up.