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Along with a few others here, I got drawn to this game on the idea of having to pick a book for my dad to read in real life. And like a few others also, my dad is no longer around.

So this became a theoretical purchase... I mean, it is a game so it would have even been theoretical if I actually did need to buy my dad a book... but it became twice as theoretical! And now I think I may have broken the record for using the word theoretical the most times in one paragraph.

Right, back to some kind of review. This gaming experience made me think about my past, made me remember the times me and my dad used to have, and also gave me a few good laughs along the way thanks to some of the more ridiculous titles and the self-referencing. There were some almost tears too, and some really nice-sounding comics that I wouldn't mind reading in the real world!

So kudos to Deconstructeam for making yet another amazing slice of life experience. If you wanna plop yourself down and peruse some very interesting pieces of literature then I highly recommend you get this game downloaded and have some fun! =D