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Fantastic game! I really enjoyed playing this. I have a quick question. I am currently working on a game in Gamemaker Studio 2, which I noticed you used to make this game. I was wondering how you did all those cool juicy effects, like how the player jiggles when you move around and how the letters in the menu bob around. I have been looking up all kinds of tutorials on how to do stuff like this but to no avail. How did you do it? Thank you.

I absolutely love these effects and second the question! This game has a great vibe, congratulations!

It's just tweening image_xscale and image_yscale.

I recently found out about TweenGMS PRO. Is that what you use or is it just custom?

I didn't make this game btw.

Tweening is easy to implement custom. What's more important is how to use tweening.

I recommend watching this, if you haven't already: