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Beat it in 2:50

Have you found any new strats? I have managed to clip by jumping on Bernie Sanders and then a flagpole and then the tourture chamber to skip buying the machette and therefore skipping talking to the planar being guy. I don't know if this saves time or not. I wanna know; Have you found or used similar things?

the fastest time as far as I’m aware is 1:43

Holy frick. His text scrolls like 10X faster than mine, seeing as I'm on a chromebook. I had no idea you could jump over the fence. Did you ever anticipate people actually speedrunning a game this odd?

Deleted 68 days ago

actually it’s just a bug. Part of the cheese is clipping through the bottom of the ice and you can get it if you click in the right spot

I beat it in 1:50, wanna collab and beat the best time?