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hey, I love your games, I play them on youtube too. . . but this game is a little. . . well it needs some big changes, I don't think it is possible to lose. . . here I am, level 100 with a few fire towers and some Hwacha. I recommend upping the price for Hwacha by a lot, after all, I do believe it to be the best tower in the game, another thing is the enemy spawn density, they spawn almost one at a time and that makes them easier to kill. also, you could make it possible to spawn multiple waves at a time, and a speed up button. . . I do love this game and would be disappointed if you do not keep up with it.

Thank you for reading, here is my youtube channel, I played ancient warfare 2 on it

try changing the amount of coins you start with

i did, but then it is only hard for like 3 minutes. . .