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Dear Athanasius, sorry for of all for this late reply, as you know we are based in Italy and situation with coronavirus is altering everybody's work. We are really happy you loved CCDV Ep.0, we loved it too, very much. Unfortunately we had few issues with the released of Ep.1 (that I spare and that blocked the launch of the game after years of work). We still have this game very dear to our hearts, and we are sure that sooner or later we'll come back with the CCDV saga. Sending you lots of good vibes and thanks again for your support, it really means a lot for us. 

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Thank you for your reply! I'm very happy to hear CCDV is still an option for the future. This Corona guy is a nasty little critter. Here in Switzerland they are shutting down almost the whole social life too now... Anyway, these times will go by. Patience is the virtue of the moment. I recommend reading a bit of your old Roman stoic philosophers at the moment (Seneca, Epictetus and Marc Aurel). I do it and it helps. ;) I wish you and the team all the best! :)