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been a pot head for awhile your using stupid government info that's completely wrong there has been a few cases were weed can make you hallucinate but your leaving out the fact that this is not common and quite rare. i do the 90 percent thc extract crap and have never had an hallucination your just spreading unfounded propaganda there are no such side effects stop your shit and do proper research dont fucking trust the gov sites they are widely inaccurate and are created to serve there own agendas weed is proven to be one of the safest drugs you can do, stupid devs. as far as the other simulations go i have no comment as i would never touch the hard stuff.... a small percentage of people have had bad side effects how ever this is less than 1 percent and most likely because users are allergic in a way...also its been proven to help mental health issues such as ptsd people with epilepsy, people with harsh mental issues. your "facts" about weed are an attack to further the propaganda that its a gate way drug and "dangerous" there is plenty of concrete proof you just are too stupid to go find it stop spreading lies and remove this insulting simulation from this game. you obviously have never smoked weed otherwise you would know the proper facts. you probs live someplace were its still illegal were they spread these lies to justify criminalizing a very beneficial and versatile  drug....futher more your useing fucking web md? wtf. if you do it early b4 the age of 25 i suppose you might have mental issues however it seems you have only paid attention to the negative "facts" and thats a shit stupid thing to do on your part and just shows how arrogant and stupid you fucking are as a person and a dev. you cant cherry pick your information. this stupid fucking "facts" made me not want to even try the game but imma gonna look at it just so i can confirm that your retarded maybe ill add more insults if the representation is so fucking off it makes me sick


ok boomer

THC can cause psychedelic like effects in higher doses especially if someone is a frequent user of psychedelics themselves.