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most likely because you are i some way allergic to the stuff only people who are allergic will have these reactions. ive smoked with hundreds of people and i have met a few who have this issue. but its really your bodys fault not the drugs. weed is safe non addictive and no way to overdose save for maybe using the concentrated stuff

being allergic to the marijuana plant would not induce psychedelic effects again, it is possible for hallucinations to happen if you take high doses of thc and especially if you are a frequent psychedelic user.

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how the hell would you know. i know these people personally so....yes you can have hallucinations do to being allergic or i guess technically its a sensitivity to thc im sorry i didnt use the right wording chief. also who in the hell said anything about high doses also what kinda idiot is doing high doses like that...that's called acid and that's i different kinda drug all together but to say that hallucinations are a side effect with no follow up like your words 

"if you take high doses of thc and especially if you are a frequent psychedelic user"

then the statement becomes false, its not teaching you about drugs this game only scares the uniformed into thinking all drugs are bad and weed will make you do reefer madness and kill your family as you wig out....its a game made with out dated 90's facts propagated by the government to brainwash the public into thinking weed is absolutely and always harmful and thats just not the case, anything in high doses becomes dangerous sugar in high doses can kill you that does not mean that sugar will absolutely kill you

high doses of thc maybe not a good idea. dont like being high? there's cbd for pain small traces of thc but no getting high just no more pain. dont wanna smoke get an cbd edible for pain  . stuff like this game cuts out the benefits of some drugs even the harder stuff if used right isn't gonna fuck you up absolutely small doses of acid can help open your mind when meditating. stay away from the weird crap but not all drugs are bad and this game is a clear misinformed slam piece with no effort to actually teach, this game shouldn't have factoids if they are gonna be so inaccurate