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If you’re a developer trying to issue a refund, then at the moment the only way is to contact our support team and ask them to process it for you. Either you can contact us with the purchase information, or you can instruct the buyer to reach out to us. In the future we may add an automated system from your developer dashboard.

If you contact us about it, please include the purchase ID in your message to support so we can look up the purchase and process the refund. We also ask that if sending an email you send it from the email address that owns the account, otherwise we’ll have to ask you to send another email to verify that you are the owner of the account.

You can finds the purchase ID by clicking on the transaction on your dashboard’s purchase page. It’s going to be a number.

Note: If you are using our “Direct payments” system you may also initiate a refund via the payment processors dashboard. (Stripe or PayPal). Our system will automatically be notified by the payment processor and disable the purchase page on


(Note: I added a more detailed reply here since this topic shows up on Google search)