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Game is awsome BUT, there should be:

1.A LOT of more levels.

2. next level option after finnishing course.

3. crosshair.

4. downloadable levels made by players.


Thank's for reading my feedback #MakeIndieGamesGreatAgain

(Edited 1 time)

1) There will be more levels :) (25 maps are planned for the singleplayer.)

2) a "next level" button will be added to the final release

3) already thought about adding it. I'll note that on my todo-list. :)

4) there are already downloadable levels for the game. (on the games forum: http://forum.celaria.com/viewforum.php?f=13 )

5) Slow-motion isn't going to be added. Mostly because i wanted the gameplay to be 100% in realtime (rewarding players with quick reflexes) and because of the upcoming multiplayer mode. (Slow-motion simply doesn't work if you play against other players in realtime.)