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Hard to tell. Usually installing the DirectX runtime provided by the link should fix this issue.
What are your PC specs? (Most important: what is your exact GPU model?)

The game utilizes various steamworks features such as online leaderboards, online replays as well as the steam-workshop. Those features would have to be cut in order to release it outside of Steam.

The soundtrack is an entirely original composition made specifically for this game. :)

You can reset the video settings by opening the localappdata directory (type "%localappdata%" into the windows search bar and hit enter) then going into "Celaria_open_alpha_v5\profile" and deleting the "config.ini" file.

The game will have a commercial release on steam.

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The next public release of the game will be the final version of the game. (The internal/non public build is already in late beta/nearly finished state)

I already answered this on discord, but i figured i'll do this here too in case someone stumbles upon this post in the future :)

1. The internal build of the game has the ability to bind the jump and slide/roll button to the left/right mouse button. This feature will be available in the final build of the game.

2. I'm not aware of this issue. (Probably a bug that was fixed a while ago? The public alpha is quite old compared to the internal build)

3. No plans for a Linux version. (Mostly due to technical hurdles.)

The final game will have a total of 25 maps for the singleplayer mode. (with varying degrees of difficulty) :)

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They were originally hosted on the games forum (which was taken down due to the new GDPR law in europe.)

I moved the community hub to discord since then. One member of the community created a spreadsheet which contains the information of all available custom mapfiles (with download links) and posted it on discord. Here is the link to this spreadsheet:

Some maps were (and will be) reworked before the final release. Playground is one of them. (It's the one map were i somewhat neglected one of the core mapdesign principles compared to the other maps.)

Great to hear that you had that much fun with the game. Can't wait to finally release the final product. :)

It is actually possible to control your character while in air. It's just very subtle to allow you to correct jumps over longer distances.

Balancing the air control was a bit tricky. Previously you had much greater control in the air but i soon discovered that this introduced an exploit in the game which a player could easily take advantage of. (Basically it was possible to do a wallrun, jump off the wall and strafe back to the same wall while being in air and doing a walljump again and gaining height while doing so.)

So i reduced the air control to make this exploit impossible but give the player still enough room to correct his/her jumps.

This feature (a dot/cursor in the middle of the screen) is already implemented in the internal (non public) build of the game and will be included in the final release. :)

There are no plans for a mac release at this point in time.

Posted a temporary solution to this problem before:

This can happen if your game resolution is higher than that of your monitor. (you probably changed it in the video options menu.)
You can reset the settings by opening the appdata directory (type "%localappdata%" into the windows search bar and press enter.) then navigate to "Celaria_open_alpha_v5\profile\" and delete the config.ini file located in there. 

The game was made with Game Maker Studio. :) Also there are currently no plans for a third person camera.

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This can happen if your game resolution is higher than that of your monitor. (you probably changed it in the video options menu.)

You can reset the settings by opening the appdata directory (type "%localappdata%" into the windows search bar and press enter.) then navigate to "Celaria_open_alpha_v5\profile\" and delete the config.ini file located in there. 

The character customization will remain the same as it currently is in the alpha. (The menu interface will look better though.) I considered adding individual parts to the character customization which can be unlocked and swapped in the customization menu (Helmet, arm/leg protection, etc...) but i'm somewhat limited to the engines capabilities and the animation technique which i use in the game. But this is something which i would like to add in a potential sequel. :)

The game will be released on Steam with a regular launch.

There is a tutorial on the forum (click on the link which i posted above) which explains how to convert .obj models to .bao animation files.

I wrote a basic morph-target shader for the animations in Celaria. :) LINK

You probably selected a resolution which was higher than your display resolution. Open the localappdata directory (open your windows search bar , type "%localappdata" without the "" and hit enter), then navigate to "\Celaria_open_alpha_v5\profile" and delete the config.ini file in this directory. This will reset the settings of the game.

I don't plan to change the wallrun mechanic. Making a wallrun automatic without having to hold the space button is (in my opinion) less intuitive and takes the control away from the player. Not to mention, there might be szenarios where you would want to stop doing a wallrun in mid-air. The current system is the best approach to solving this problem.

Currently there are no plans for a mac port.

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It is already on greenlight. ;)

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This error can sometimes happen if the game can't compile the DirectX 9 shaders. (Some DirectX 10 and 11 installations don't seem to be fully backwards compatible with DirectX 9.) You can fix that by installing the DirectX 9.0c end user runtimes found here: (It will install the missing bits for DirectX 9).

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Can you tell me what exactly doesn't work? Is there any kind of error-message which i can look at?

Hi! Can't say exactly how/when the beta is going to be released. The game is actually nearly complete (some minor additions to the server need to be made and all singleplayer maps need to be finished and compiled.) I'm currently also looking into the possibility of potentially releasing the game commercially on steam (would be my first commercial game. :D ) and this requires me to sort out a lot of legal stuff.

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No, there isn't an additional run/sprint button. :)

The levels are specifically built for having multiple pathways between checkpoints. Generally speaking the easier paths are more obvious (but slower) while the less obvious paths are faster but harder to pull off. Balancing those paths is (in terms of level design) a bit tricky because i didn't want to have faster paths which are easy (or easier) to pull off compared to the more obvious paths. :P

So in order to get better times you will have to experiment a bit with the level geometry in each map and look for potential pathways to reduce your time even more. :)

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Platinum times are set by me. :) After finishing building a map in the map-editor you have to validate the map by running through all checkpoints as fast as possible before exporting it as a mapfile. (This makes sure that it's possible to finish the map as a player.) The time which you achieve during the validation process is also used as the platinum time. :)

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1) There will be more levels :) (25 maps are planned for the singleplayer.)

2) a "next level" button will be added to the final release

3) already thought about adding it. I'll note that on my todo-list. :)

4) there are already downloadable levels for the game. (on the games forum: )

5) Slow-motion isn't going to be added. Mostly because i wanted the gameplay to be 100% in realtime (rewarding players with quick reflexes) and because of the upcoming multiplayer mode. (Slow-motion simply doesn't work if you play against other players in realtime.)